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Non-Smokers' Rights Association

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Non-Smokers' Rights Association


Toronto, Ontario, Canada








The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association’s mission is to promote public health by eliminating illness and death caused by tobacco use, including second-hand smoke. This project aims to contribute to a coordinated national approach to help address the significant tobacco control issue of contraband. The project will also encourage smoke-free multi-unit dwellings through education and outreach to housing providers and tenants associations as well as the general public. The objectives would be to: facilitate discussions with various stakeholder groups and the broader public health community in exploring options and approaches around new and emerging issues such as contraband tobacco, smoke-free multi-unit dwellings, and smoke-free post-secondary institutions; and, educating the public about these important issues. The activities would include: organizing the Second Bi-National Conference on Contraband; exploring policy-options and recommending a coordinated approach to deal with contraband; hosting smoke-free multi-unit dwellings (MUDS) workshops and consultations with housing providers and tenants; developing a Quebec specific smoke-free MUDS website; researching municipal by-laws and provincial legislation on second-hand smoke; and, developing fact sheets for outreach with the public.


Multi-year funding